By: Kevin Lanier of KC Sport Fishing

2. Grab a pack of Owner Dancing Stinger hooks and a good quality split ring.

Choose a hook size that lines up with the size of your jig. For 120g jigs, use 3/0 size hooks and 80-100 pound split rings. For 160g jigs, use 7/0 hooks and 100lb split rings

4. Attach the hooks to the Split Ring and ensure that the hook points are set so they point away from the jig.

This will improve your hook setting ability.


5. Place a ball bearing swivel to the end of you leader, open the swivel, and attach it to the split ring.

(not to the eye of the jig)


You’re all set and ready to go!
When fishing these jigs, I’ve found dropping the jig to my desired depth and twitching the rod tip while I rapidly retrieve the jig works best.

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Rigging the New Vertical Jigs from Silver Horde 

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3. Attach the split ring to the upper eye of the jig.

3. Attach the split ring to the upper eye of the jig.

Vertical jigging has become a very popular way to fish these days from the Pacific Northwest to the waters off Florida. Silver Horde has recently released a new line of vertical jigs. Available in many different weights and color combinations, these jigs make the technique quite deadly. Here are a few quick pointers on getting these jigs rigged up for a great day on the water.


1.Choose your jig size and color.

Currents and drift speed will affect your choice in jig size. In a lighter current with little to no wind, you can get by with a small jig. For faster currents in heavier winds, you’ll need a bigger jig. Your line weight can also effect how fast the jig will sink. The 30-pound test braided line with a mono top shot works best. My 2 favorite jig sizes are 120g and 160g. The pink and white color is a great all around choice for any situation.