The New KatchKooler DELUXE Includes:

-Larger size: 41 1/2 x 19 1/2  Now 60 square inches larger than the previous model

-Larger close cell foam inner
-Thicker rip resistant outer
-Larger inner vinyl protector for zipper area (3/4 inch increased to 1 1/4 inch
-Thicker inner layer material
-New Color: Sea Foam Blue

KatchKooler Deluxe

"Keeps your catch fresher!"

Herring Aide Ace Hi Fly®

​Stock #1670-000-984 

​The KatchKooler Deluxe "Keeps Your Catch Fresher" Compact design for easy storage.
Made from high-density close cell foam.  Equipped with a Strong Handle and Waterproof outer fabric.
We suggest reusable ice packs to protect your catch from bacterial degradation and to prevent leakage.